PEWDIEPIE vs T-SERIES vs COCOMELON – View Count and Subscriber Count of the Top 3 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels from the start of youtube in 2006 until the future in 2021! Who do you think will be the Most Subscribed YouTuber 2021 – PewDiePie vs Cocomelon vs T Series? In this Subscriber Count Graph Video we show you the PewDiePie Subscriber Count vs Cocomelon Subscribers vs T Series Sub Count and the Cocomelon View Count vs PewDiePie View Count vs Cocomelon Views from 2006 until the future in 2021!

#PewDiePie #Cocomelon #TSeries

View and Sub Count to the Most Subscribed YouTube Channels:

PewDiePie Sub Count Live:

Cocomelon Sub Count Live:

T Series Sub Count Live:


How i produce my videos:

– do the research on websites like


– process and accumulate date with excel (~1hour)

– create and record at least 3 individual visualization on

– combine and edit all visualization videos with
(also i always comment important and interesting parts of the data!)

– do extra research to underline the video with fitting educational content
and add it to the video (~2hours)


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